OptionsXpress Online Stock Broker Review & New Bonus Promotions

In this write-up I’ll review OptionsXpress and share the latest bonus offers for this online stock broker. *See all the other online broker bonus offers here.

OptionsXpress: The Best Trading Platform For Beginners & Semipro Traders?


It can be quite perplexing for anyone to choose a trading platform. Unless you have several years of experience and have used multiple platforms, you may be clueless to begin with and then the various platforms will make it all the more difficult for you to choose. For the record, I personally prefer TD Ameritrade and it’s ThinkorSwim platform!

Among the many platforms available today, OptionsXpress stands out for a myriad of reasons. Here’s why OptionsXpress might just be the trading platform you need.

  • OptionsXpress brings together stocks, futures, foreign exchange and options on the same platform. You can trade in whichever category you want. The platform comes in conventional user interface, app form and a miniature version for quick customized access.
  • OptionsXpress clubs several tools that make trading easy and well informed. There is an all-in-one trade ticket that facilitates developing strategies and having all your trades at one place, displayed on a single screen. You can also manage all your trades from this console.
  • A wonderful benefit of using OptionsXpress is that you don’t get generic advice or tips. Your strategies are reviewed based on your actions and your risk tolerance and then the apt options are picked or identified for you.
  • The Trade & Probability Calculator allows you to assess the risk and opportunity of a particular options trade. The Virtual Trade platform is also immensely helpful. With $25,000 to be tested, tried and traded on, you can virtually practice trades and sharpen your skills as you prepare for the big game.
  • Like most other trading platforms, OptionsXpress too conducts webinars, publishes resources to help you get better, there are live events at various cities and towns to discuss new strategies and to shed light on the right and wrong ways to go about options trading. There are on demand training sessions as well where videos, skills tests and charts are used to help one hone their deftness, knowledge and practice.
  • OptionsXpress has a helpful support desk that works in real time and you can take advantage of the extended hours as well. The support isn’t offered by trained customer service reps but licensed options and futures specialists who are trained in customer support. This helps you to get quality customer service while not compromising on the technicalities.

OptionsXpress is powered by Charles Schwab which doesn’t require any introduction and this also enhances the bankability of the trading platform.

New OptionsXpress Promotions

Currently, if you make a qualifying deposit of $1,000 or more into a new optionsXpress account and place 10 or more trades within the first 90 days, they’ll give you a $150 Amazon.com Gift Card!


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