Bank Promotion: Provident Credit Union $250 Bonus & More

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While they do have branches in other locations such as Nevada, they are mainly prominent in the California area. Provident Credit Union locations include San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Sunnyvale, Eureka, and many many more.

Provident Credit Union provides all the typical variety of services such as loans, credit cards, and investments services.  They are most popular for their Free Checking that pays 1.56% Annual Percentage Rate (APY) though.

Provident Roundup Savings Program $250 Bonus:

Here’s a great way to get you into the right path to saving money AND earn yourself a $250 bonus (currently the best $250 bonus comes from Chase Bank).

It’s called the Roundup Savings Program and you’ll need a Checking account, a Round Up Savings account, and a debit card from Provident to take part.

This program is very similar to Bank of America’s Keep The Change program that used to be available.

Basically, all you need to do is use your debit card for your everyday purchases.  Each purchase will be rounded up to the nearest dollar and that difference will be transferred from your Checking account to your Roundup Savings account.  So, if you make a $1.25 purchase, 75 cents will then be transferred to your Savings account.

But, it’s your own money, so how are you benefiting aside from being forced to practice good savings habits?

The answer is this – Provident will match 100% of your round up transactions for the 1st three months! So, as in the example above, you would get a bonus 75 cents deposited into your Savings.

Once the 1st three month period passes, they will still match 5% of each transaction. You can earn up to $250 per year, every year!

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Details About The Round Up Savings Program:

  • Eligible transactions are aggregated and transferred to the Round Up account at the end of each day.
  • Transfer to and from your Round Up account any time.
  • Your match bonus will be credited on your anniversary date (or on the next business day after that).
  • Matching occurs on the rounded transaction amounts only.
  • Enrollment is only available via Account Manager (online banking).
  • Fresh Start Checking and Health Savings Accounts are not eligible for enrollment.
  • Only debit card PIN and signature based transactions are eligible.
  • Must be enrolled in e-Documents.

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