Today’s American Express Gift Card Promotional Codes: No Fees


Below are today’s new American Express Gift Card promotional codes to waive the Purchase Fees and Shipping Fees.

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When purchasing American Express Prepaid Gift Cards you will encounter up to 2 types of fees, Purchase Fees and Shipping Fees. Shipping Fees are only involved when purchasing these gift cards online. The Purchase Fees are relevant to American Express Gift Cards purchased both online and in-store (the fees ARE different depending where you buy).

Promotional coupon codes will typically give you either No Purchase Fees or No Shipping Fees. Rarely are there promo codes to waive all fees, and usually only one code can be applied if both types exist.

New American Express Gift Card No Purchase Fees Code:

Purchase Fees can range from $3.95 to $5.95 per American Express Gift Card.

*Tip: Normally, the Purchase Fee is required for EACH gift card you buy. Buy 10 and you’ll end up paying $39.50 on Purchase Fees. Apply the No Purchase Fee Code and waive that entire $39.50!

No Purchase Fees promo code(s): *See below for updated Free Shipping promo codes

New American Express Gift Card No Shipping Fees Code:

Shipping Fees when purchasing Amex gift cards online will range from $5.95 to $15.95. Apply the No Shipping Fees code to waive this fee.

No Shipping Fees promo code:

  • Celebrate their hard work this new year. Give American Express® Business Gift Cards and save with free shipping when you purchase before 1/10/2015 with code FS2015. Apply code here.
  • Celebrate the new year with a Gift Card. Give American Express® Gift Cards to your loved ones and save with free shipping before 1/10/2015 with code FS2015.* Apply code here.
  • Make it a point to be more personal at the office this year American Express® Custom Message Business Gift Cards can help you achieve that goal. Free shipping before 1/10/2015 with code FS2015. Apply code here.
  • A new year’s Gift that’s personal. Get them an American Express® Personalized Gift Card. Pay no shipping fee with code FS2015 before 1/10/2015.* Apply code here.

*Read about how to get free next-day shipping on American Express Gift Cards here.

Here are the different types of American Express Gift Cards you can buy online:

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