Review: TD Ameritrade’s Retirement Options & $600 Bonus!

TD Ameritrade Retirement Options

TD Ameritrade has several options that can help you to plan and save for your retirement. It is never too soon to start planning (financially) for your retirement and TD Ameritrade offers you tools that will help you realize your retirement financing goals.

TD Ameritrade offers a full range of retirement planning tools and accounts to meet a full range of financial needs all under one roof. You can easily open and account, fund your account and start using the best options for you.

The Products

TD Ameritrade offers plans that are ideal for the individual and the small business. Some options include:

• Traditional IRA
• Roth IRA
• Rollover IRA
• Individual 401K
• Simple IRA-Savings incentive match option for employees.
• Pension or Profit Plan

The Traditional IRA offers a tax advantage, has no maintenance fees, no opening account limits and offers up to $5500 tax deferred wages for annual contributions.

The Roth IRA does not offer the same tax benefits but has other perks like penalty free withdrawals (if certain criteria is met) and other perks. Compare the two Traditional and Roth right online to see which one best suits your needs. Read all about IRAs and the best places to open an IRA account.

Rollover IRA is for those that want to be able to keep their eye on their retirement funds and keep it in one easy to monitor account.

The SEP or Simplified Employee Pension IRA is an easy to use account that offers no employer tax filling, no minimum account deposits, simple administration, flexible contributions and no mandatory annual funding amounts.

The Individual 401K plan offers greater control over withdrawal timing, low administrative costs, higher contribution limits and discretionary funding. Read more about the differences between IRAs and 401Ks here.

Simple IRA match plan offers an easy to use plan for employers that offer a match plan for retirement. Employee contributions can range. Employer contributions are mandatory. Employers match employees contributions dollar for dollar and offer 1% automatic contributions. There is no employer tax filing required. No IRS contribution testing. This plan offers low administrative fees and a no maintenance fee or account fee.

Now is the time to consider retirement whether you are an a employee or an employer. TD Ameritrade has a solution for all your retirement needs that are affordable and that will help you to grow your retirement fund so that you can reach your financial goals and have the retirement that you planned for.

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